Root canal therapy is used to clean out the many tiny canals of the teeth and remove any inflamed or infected tissue in the root of the tooth. In some cases, the infection continues even after root canal therapy. If this happens, Dr. Douglas Hauck will recommend an apicoectomy in Newport Beach, California – a procedure that will remove the tip of the root and seal it with a filling to protect it from additional infection. When the infection is allowed to progress without treatment, it can cause damage to the surrounding teeth as well as cause the jawbone to regress.

Reasons for an Apicoectomy

Apicoectomies are performed to remove infection, ease pain, and save the damaged tooth from extraction. In most cases, apicoectomies will only be performed if a previous root canal treatment has failed. Dr. Douglas Hauck may recommend an apicoectomy to correct:

  • A blocked root canal
  • Tiny, adjoining root branches
  • Curved or narrow root canals

What Does Getting an Apicoectomy Involve?

Before your procedure, Dr. Douglas Hauck will prescribe an antibiotic or other medication to treat and reduce the infection. Generally, we will take panoramic X-rays for more accurate treatment planning. The apicoectomy will be performed while you are under local anesthesia for your comfort and relaxation.

The apicoectomy is performed in just one appointment at Douglas Hauck DDS, Inc.. During this procedure, our dentist will create a small incision in the gums to expose the root of the tooth. The infected tissue and tooth structure (and some jawbone, if necessary) is then removed using ultrasonic tools and instruments. Then the root is filled and sealed and your gums are sutured together again.

Following the procedure, Dr. Douglas Hauck will prescribe or recommend pain medication to help you with any discomfort you may experience in the following days. If you or a loved one is experiencing pain or swelling in the mouth, please call or visit our dental office as soon as possible to receive the care you need.