If you or a loved one suffers from facial trauma, whether from a fall, a car crash, an accident, or another reason, Dr. Douglas Hauck can help reconstruct the aesthetics of your face. The four types of facial trauma are:

  • Soft tissue injuries, including gum damage and lacerations to the skin
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Bone injuries
  • Special regions, including the eyes, salivary glands, and nerves in the face

Reasons for Facial Trauma Reconstruction

We want to treat facial damage as soon as possible to restore aesthetics as well as avoid serious dental and physical health concerns. No facial injury, whether big or small, should be taken lightly because depending on where the injury occurred, it can significantly affect swallowing, speech, and respiration. Broken facial bones should be treated in the emergency room, but you can visit Douglas Hauck DDS, Inc. for repairs to damaged or lost teeth. If you do not visit the dentist immediately after the injury occurs, you could:

  • Lose the normal function of your teeth
  • Experience alignment problems that lead to TMJ disorders and other bite and jaw problems
  • Seriously impair the aesthetics of your smile

Treatment for Facial Trauma in Newport Beach, California

Broken or fractured facial bones will be treated as any other broken bone in most regards. While we can’t apply a plaster cast to a cheekbone, we can wire the bones together to heal. If there is a laceration in the soft tissue (skin or gums), we will suture (stitch) it.

If at all possible, we will re-insert a tooth that has been knocked out. The faster the re-insertion is performed, the more likely the tooth will survive. If the tooth is ineligible for re-insertion, we can create a replacement tooth that will restore function and aesthetics to your smile. There are other treatments, such as root canal therapy, that may be used to restore your oral health.

When you visit, Dr. Douglas Hauck will thoroughly examine your face and take X-rays to determine the appropriate course of action. If necessary, pain medication will be prescribed to make you more comfortable. For more information on facial trauma reconstruction or any of our services, please call our dental office today.