An impacted tooth is a tooth that is “stuck,” meaning that it cannot erupt above the gum line and into correct function. While most people have heard of impacted wisdom teeth, many don’t realize that other teeth can become impacted as well. The canine or upper eye teeth are commonly impacted. Unlike the wisdom teeth, which are often extracted when impacted, the canine teeth are very important to the bite and dental arch, so extraction isn’t often an option.

In order to treat impacted canines more effectively, we recommend having a panoramic X-ray (X-ray of the entire jaw) taken around the age of seven years old. This can help us determine any potential problems with permanent teeth that have not erupted yet, such as impaction, crowded teeth, or missing teeth.

Treatment of an Impacted Canine in Newport Beach, California

In many cases, we can expose the gum and guide impacted canine into place using special dental instruments. If there is any overcrowding, our dentist may recommend extracting the extra tooth. Our younger visitors may benefit from an orthodontic brace that gradually exposes the impacted canine.

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