For a dental implant that is successful and long lasting, there must be both good quality and good quantity of surrounding jawbone. Placing implants in the upper back jaw is often the most difficult because of insufficient bone quality or quantity and its close proximity to the sinus. If you have lost bone in that area, you may not have enough bone structure to place dental implants. If this is the case, whether from periodontal disease, injury, or another reason, a sinus augmentation, which is also called a sinus lift, can be performed to encourage the formation of new bone.

Sinus augmentation can be completed in just one appointment at Douglas Hauck DDS, Inc.. During a sinus lift in Newport Beach, California, our dentist will raise the sinus floor. Then using natural, synthetic, or your own bone, Dr. Douglas Hauck will build up and encourage the formation of your natural bone. Depending on your individual needs, our dentist will allow the bone to develop for up to 12 months. Once the mouth is healed, we can place your dental implants and give you the complete, healthy smile you have always wanted. For more information on sinus augmentation, implant dentistry, or any of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer, please call Douglas Hauck DDS, Inc. soon.