Dental sealants are an effective preventive dentistry treatment that we use to protect the decay-prone back teeth. A sealant is simply a thin, tooth-colored material that Dr. Douglas Hauck or one of our hygienists will apply to the chewing surface of the back teeth, where there are deep pits and grooves that are very difficult to keep clean. By covering these pits and grooves, we can seal out decay and create a smooth surface that is much easier to keep clean through daily flossing and brushing.

Dr. Douglas Hauck may recommend dental sealants in Newport Beach, California, to protect:

  • The six-year molars (the first permanent molars) as well as other teeth between the cavity-prone ages of 6 and 16
  • Currently decay-free teeth that have depressions or significant pits and grooves
  • Baby teeth on cavity-prone children

Sealant Procedure

A dental sealant can be applied in just a few minutes at Douglas Hauck DDS, Inc.. First, our dentist one of our exceptional dental hygienists will thoroughly clean the teeth that will be sealed. Some cotton is placed around the teeth in order to keep the area dry. We will apply a bonding solution to the teeth and then rinse and dry the teeth again. At that point, the sealant is gently painted onto the tooth. The sealant is then set with a special light.

Remember to continue to visit Dr. Douglas Hauck and consistently brush and floss your teeth to aid in the life of your sealants. To learn more about sealants or preventive dentistry, please call our dental office today.