Bite Alignment

Straight teeth can enhance the smile's appearance, functionality and allow for better oral hygiene. But if there are any issues with your alignment or bite, they can lead to many health problems. They can affect your chewing ability and can cause speech impediments. Early detection of bite issues during regular dental checkups can help spot bite problems and address them promptly. At PopUP Smiles in Newport Beach, California, we can diagnose any bite alignment problems and extend the appropriate treatment. 

Types of Bite Misalignments

A smile is not complete without a correctly functioning bite. Bite Alignment care includes a combination of treatments to align your smile and correct the bite. These interventions will enhance your smile aesthetics and help you have the best oral health possible. Bite correction will be necessary if you have a crossbite, underbite, open bite, or malocclusion. These conditions have to be addressed for the mouth to function correctly.

  • Openbite 

The upper teeth do not rest on the bottom ones properly or align correctly. They may not even touch the lower jaw leaving a gap in between. Openbite is caused due to tongue-thrusting or thumb-sucking. These harmful habits can wear out the back molars.

  • Underbite 

The lower jaw protrudes over the upper jaw instead of lining up together. Biting and chewing will become more challenging, besides leading to TMJ disorders.  

  • Overbite 

In this condition, the upper jaw protrudes over the lower jaw. If not corrected, it can make you bite into gum tissue or wear out the front teeth. 

  • Crossbite

The teeth overlap incorrectly when they come together. Some will be in front of the lower jaw, and some will be behind. You may also chip and fracture a tooth more easily.

Why Is Bite Alignment Important?

The structure of your oral cavity is defined by the formation of your teeth and jawbone. The upper and lower jaw should follow an arch in a U shape. Those arches should also line up together. The teeth should rest on top of one another evenly, with your back top molars resting on your back bottom molars towards the front. 

Bite Alignment will help you achieve a straighter smile. Early intervention will help prevent the progression of bite misalignment issues. A child's mouth formation is a significant indication of their adult oral structures. If we observe that their teeth are growing at incorrect angles or their jaws don't line up, we can predict the future oral health issues that may develop due to bite misalignments. 

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